FluidX Non Newtonian Protection™ is a lightweight, patent pending and economical non newtonian performance material that has shear thickening properties and can be molded into any shape.

We have produced performance materials for all types of customers from military mfg’s to ballet shoe manufacturers.

Please contact us today (info@fluidxprotects.com) to see how we can make your defense or consumer products outperform your competitors at a lower price.

  • our protectors meet hot and cold standards
  • 30% lighter than competitors
  • low cost tooling/mold fees


Portfolio: Confidential

Most of our customers ask for confidentiality. Join the host of other customers currently developing with FluidX molded materials by contacting us today.

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Portfolio : FP Footwear

FP Footwear came to us seeking a lightweight and dynamic non newtonian custom insert for their  DGS outsole system. We were able to deliver.

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Portfolio : NASA

NASA contacted us for a special project which needed a flexible yet high energy absorbing bumper which required a high level of detail to fit into already existing parts. After testing numerous materials in their lab, it was determined that FluidX had the best performance. … Continue readingPortfolio : NASA

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Portfolio: Cycling Protection

We recently developed a line of highly flexible and lightweight custom protectors that met both hot and cold performance test standards.

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